Cocktail Catering




Want to spice up your private party or add some zest to a business event? Then we have exactly what you need. Blue Dahlia offers a high quality cocktail service at your home or the location of your preference. We want to take your party to the next level and immortalize the moment. With style, elegance, professionalism and the right spirit(s).

We want to take the customer on a journey through a tantalizing array of flavors, inspire his emotions and surprise his palette. We want to restore the Craft of bartending by going back to that time when 6'o clock meant cocktail hour. Where the client was central and the bartender a reliable presence who knew the favorite drinks of every regular. Later on, a bar in Brussels will follow to serve you at a fixed location.

As we respect your delicate taste buds, we only use fresh bio fruit and premium spirits. Mixology is all about respect for tradition while being open to new trends. You can only freestyle if you are familiar with all the great classics. We are influenced by both the Jerry Thomas cocktail bible from 1862 as food pairing practices from current culinary chefs.

Blue Dahlia, the brainchild of cocktail maverick Axel Borg, is an experience where film buffs and booze lovers blend in a perfect mix of opulence, refinement and fun. Film noir is the inspiration source, a movie genre that boomed during 1940s and 1950s, and thrived on female elegance and masculine cool. Just like film noir, Blue Dahlia stands for a sublime cocktail of sensuality, mystery and style.

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